Our Core Values

Love God, Love One Another, Have Integrity and be Spirit-Led


Equipping and empowering Lives for Kingdom advancement.

To minister the real, relevant and radical word of healing and life transformation, so that the people of God can live in total wholeness in Christ Jesus; as mandated to us in Jeremiah 1:10

Ministerial Team

NWMI is blessed to have a dynamic anointed team of fivefold ministers who provide their vessels and grace to propel this vision forward. These include Evangelists Donavan and Cheroldene Louw and other emerging leaders.

Programs & Events

New Wine Ministries Intl holds weekly RHEMA POWER-Every Sunday from 10:30am, PRAYER POWER- Every Wednesday from 7:30pm and the last Sunday of the month PROPHETIC ORACLES from 5pm at the DUINEFONTEIN COMMUNITY CENTER -MANENBERG


Aps. Christine ODAWA 

She is an anointed minister of the Gospel. She is an Apostle, an Author, a Prolific Speaker, a Mentor and a Transformational Leader; nurturing, equipping, empowering and challenging God’s people to Kingdom alignment, excellence in life and ministry.

Apostle Dr.Christine was born in Mombasa, Kenya to a Christian family. She accepted Jesus Christ as the lord and savior of her life at the age of seven; grew in the ways of God from this early age.

At thirteen years of age, she was baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. This encounter with God turned her life around and marked the beginning of her ministry. It was at this time that she began preaching in the predominantly Islamic island of Mombasa, on the east coast of Kenya.

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She pursued higher education in Accountancy, Business Management and Practical Theology. She received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Biblical Studies Degree from Texas, USA. She also worked in the corporate banking sector for some years, thereby fully embracing her call to ministry in full-time capacity.

As a pianist, vocalist and composer; she reaches out also in worship ministry; having two worship albums to her name.

As an author, Apostle Dr.Christine has written a number of books: Treasure nuggets for purposeful living, the Yoke break, the Apostles’ mantle, Dreams from above, the Prophet’s mantle, Seasons of the ecclesia and Prayer Pressure book. She endeavors to author more volumes as the Lord gives her grace.


Our Mission

NEW WINE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL is a global Prophetic ministry

Our Vision is a three-fold thrust:

Church Entity
This is an established apostolically aligned platform for encouraging, equipping and empowering the saints through spirit- filled fellowship and church services.
Church Entity
Holding inter-denominational healing and revelation meetings, conferences, workshops, re-tooling training seminars and worship music ministrations;
Church Entity
To bring healing, restoration, reconciliation and reformation to the body of Christ; establishing the Kingdom of God.
Community Development, Outreach & Media
To provide community service regarding substance abuse and related matters; soup kitchens, women empowerment, skills development and any other community program that shall deem fit per time.
Community Development, Outreach & Media
To reach out to lost souls for conversion into the kingdom of God, which entails getting out of comfort zone; evangelizing through local and international crusades or simply witnessing.
Community Development, Outreach & Media
To use diverse media to spread the gospel of the kingdom; which is the print, radio and television ministry. 
Builders & Planters Grid
This is an Apostolic and Prophetic network or circuit of leaders, ministers and ministries; where every joint supplies for the perfecting of the saints. Ephesians 4:16


Prayer Pressure:

As appositely defined, pressure is the amount of force exerted perpendicular to a surface of an object. Merriam Webster dictionary describes it explicitly as the action of a force against an opposing force; the force or thrust exerted over a surface divided by its area.

Consequently, prayer pressure is the incessant bombardment, force and thrust of prayers, to superimpose and enforce the will of God on earth as it is in the heavens.

The Prophet's mantle

The Kingdom driven Ecclesia is not an organization but a living organism in which all the members are designed to contribute to the overall wellness and the proper functioning of the entire body of Christ

Treasure Nuggets

If an iron axhead is blunt and a workman does not sharpen its edge, he must exert a great deal of effort; so wisdom has the advantage of giving success. (Ecclesiastes 10:10  Net Bible)

Seasons of Ecclesia

Dictionary delineations and description of season is: – a recurrent time marked by major events or activities; a recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences, occupations, festivities or crops;

The Apostle's Mantle

In context, an apostle is given a descriptive analogy as one that hovers or broods over her young as the eagle does and as the Spirit of the lord hovered over what was seemingly dead, life-less with no structure and no vision or no form of

The Yoke Break

A yoke is anything that ties you down, that you can’t move forward. It is something holding things together; it means to tie in with. A yoke is a burden, a repression, an oppression, an encumbrance, an imposition, a pair, a coupling, to link, to join, a tied

Dreams from Above

Saul who was later called Apostle Paul had a unique intense dramatic conversion experience and encounter with the lord, whom he had been persecuting. This is documented in scriptures and we all refer to it as “the Damascus experience”

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We hold weekly RHEMA POWER-Every Sunday from 10:30am, PRAYER POWER- Every Wednesday from 7:30pm and the last Sunday of the month PROPHETIC ORACLES from 5pm at the DUINEFONTEIN COMMUNITY CENTER -MANENBERG.

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