Seasons of The Ecclesia


The Beginning

Dictionary delineations and description of season is: – a recurrent time marked by major events or activities; a recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences, occupations, festivities or crops; a length of time, a suitable natural or convenient time; at the right moment-opportunely. It is also a rendering as competent, mature through trial and experiences; to accustom make fit or inure, to moderate or tempered, etc.

In simple terms, it is indeed a period of the year when something that happens every year happens.

The cycle of seasons is caused by the earth’s tilt toward the sun. These seasons are marked by natural changes in the intensity of the sunlight that stretches on the earth’s surface.

Each season has definite attributes centered on the weather conditions, temperatures, timing, the length of day and lastly the locations. The timing and characteristics of the season largely depends on the location on the earth.

There are four main periods of the year namely: – spring, summer, autumn and winter. These can vary significantly in characteristics and can prompt variations in the world around them.

Spring is a season of growth and development; seeds take root, plants begins to grow. The weather is warmer and frequently wet. Increased rainfall can cause flooding; the animals return from warmer temperatures often with newborns.

Summer is the warmest season of the year. Temperatures upsurge to the maximum; heat waves or drought causes major challenges for the society, the animals and plants. Wild fires become frequent in certain areas while rainfall increases in other places.

The autumn is the season when the leaves fall from the trees; temperatures cool off. Plant life begins to grow dormant. Animals prepare for the upcoming cold by storing food or migrating to warmer areas. It is also a time for ample harvest festivities.

Winter is the coldest season of the year. More areas snow whiles others only cold rains. Animals find ways to warm themselves by altering their appearance to acclimatize or hibernate.

The weather in each season determines or allows people to participate in activities that they cannot otherwise do at other times.

As it is with the natural seasons, so it is with divine seasons that usher us into levels, dimensions and realms in the Spirit, which in turn ricochets back into our natural spheres.

We shall probe diligently into the significance of these seasons as a parallel analogous to the spiritual and its scriptural implications in our current dispensation.

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