The Prophet's Mantle

The Beginning

The Kingdom driven Ecclesia is not an organization but a living organism in which all the members are designed to contribute to the overall wellness and the proper functioning of the entire body of Christ. 

What God is doing now, in this dispensation, is to re-establish government in the ecclesia in and through the prophetic mantle as part of the organic whole of the fivefold gifting. 

This is indeed necessitated by the current state of affairs in the earth realm as rightly described in Isaiah 60: 2 …darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people… 

The present church is strangely mixed up. We get to church and rule as kings and in the world we rule as priests!!! God help us!! God is indeed reversing this phenomenon to restore order and alignment in the ecclesia using individuals with mantles.

There’s great need for re-alignment, re-tooling, re-configuration back to original intent of God for the ecclesia. This is what governance is all about; it is indeed to self-rule against enemy operations or attacks thereby protecting or safeguarding the purposes of God in our lives. 

God is indeed shifting us from the anointing of the ‘sons of Issachar’ to prophetic and apostolic Josephs; who can project clearly what God is doing in 14 years downline. This is no more dealing with parochial mundane issues but plans for global reforms, peering even deeper into the realm of mantles!! 

This book probes intensively and explicitly into the heart of the Prophet’s mantle in present truth. It is intended to bring clarity, precision and an inward activation, a thrust of the prophetic in the reader. Be perfected!!

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